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What to expect in a lesson


In a lesson we work together to find the best way you can approach movement and reaction without causing undue muscle tension. Hands-on and verbal instructions are used to take a pupil through everyday activities like standing, sitting, walking and bending, as well as while lying down in what we call the semi-supine position. Gentle guidance with hands helps to encourage the natural responses that underlie posture, balance, breathing and movement to work freely again. Verbal instructions help students become conscious of their own patterns of interference, and teach them to project simple messages from the brain to the body that will help the natural mechanisms of poise to function more freely. 

Through experience and observation, you gain increased awareness enabling you to change long-standing habits and to function more efficiently.  In time, you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities.  You can bring awareness and poise to anything you do.  We may also work with specific activities such as playing a musical instrument, a theatrical role, dancing, reciting, writing on the computer, etc.

Lessons are individual and last 50 minutes. The number of lessons that may be required varies from one person to another and is best discussed directly with me. 

The Alexander Technique is not a quick-fix cure, but a steady learning process of bringing about real and lasting change.  An Alexander Technique Teacher is not a doctor or therapist and does not engage in medical diagnosis or administer any disease-specific remedy. There are no exercises to learn, nor is there the 'no pain, no gain' approach - the Alexander Technique is gentle and non-intrusive. 

You do not need to wear any special clothes, just something comfortable that will allow for movement. Women may feel more comfortable in trousers than skirts.  Expect to remove your shoes, but nothing else.

Lessons take place in Akropolis, Nicosia and in Mesa Geitonia, Limassol.  

To book a lesson or make further enquiries, please call (+357) 99550240 

e-mail:  liana @ alexander technique cyprus . com 

or send a message via Facebook:

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