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This is what some of my pupils say about their lessons and their experience of the Technique:

"My experience with the Alexander Technique began due to a painful problem in my hands. Through Liana's excellent guidance, not only did I overcome the problem with my hands, but I also achieved a better overall posture. In addition, the principles of the technique were very helpful and influenced my everyday life. All in all, the whole experience resulted in my physical and mental improvement and also improved the connection between my thoughts and movement."

- Marilia Andreou, Violist

"Finding a good teacher of the Alexander Technique was my first step to acknowledging that now I am older my balance is of concern. I was also worried about slumping in chairs and reaching for support as I sat down. Just 3 lessons with Liana have made great changes in the way I feel and my self-consciousness about the way I am moving.

I must be a challenge as I'm very stressed, controlling and find it hard to "let go." I thank her for her patience and expertise. My sense of balance, poise and freedom is truly remarkable."
                                                                                                - Barbara Steel Knowles, Teacher

"Although I had been taking and appreciating my Alexander Technique lessons with Liana for some time before I got pregnant, it was really as the belly weight began increasing day by day that I realised the full value of what I had been learning with her.
Using the AT principles not only allowed me to keep up with my other two children but also became a joy to incorporate in my daily life, offering a freedom and ease of movement that I had not experienced before, even though I was now carrying around significantly extra weight. 

Lessons with Liana are such a pleasure. The weekly hour with her patient yet expert guidance passes effortlessly and feels like a refreshing mini holiday. Absolutely an invaluable technique and lucky to have found such a great teacher."

- Maria Rotteveel, Full-time Mother

"The Alexander Technique is a miracle that everyone should experience!"

- Elenitsa Georgiou, Musician

"I first went to Liana due to a persistent pain in my neck and right shoulder. I had tried other methods in order to get rid of the pain, but nothing else really seemed to work. I was quite desperate to be rid of this pain, as it was making it hard for me to drive and do other everyday things. When I first went to Liana, I couldn’t imagine how such a gentle and subtle method would ever be able to help me in solving my problem. However, after a single private session with her, my pain completely vanished and I have been pain free ever since. Liana is incredibly kind and gentle in her approach, and seems to be truly tuned in to what each person needs. I have learned so much from Liana and have been truly impressed by the effects of the Alexander technique and her work."
                                                       - Melina Karekla, Teacher

"Even though, I initially chose to have Alexander Technique lessons to improve my posture, I soon found other benefits too.  My neck pain and shoulder pain have completely gone and my lower back pain hardly ever appears anymore.  After each lesson I feel lighter, as if I'm floating!  I learned to release tension from the body and mind, and find myself implementing what I learned in my normal daily activities.  I am more relaxed, more aware and less reactive.  In challenging situations I find myself responding more calmly and mindfully."
-  Charalambos Stylianou, Business Contractor

"My work involves standing and walking for long hours, lifting and carrying trays, dishes, etc.  Over the years I developed stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders and legs.  I felt like I was running out of energy.  As I entered the Alexander Technique world, things started to change.  It was as if some sleeping mechanisms in the body started to awaken.  I found ease and freedom in movement, my awareness is enhanced, my senses became sharper, my neck is no longer stiff and aching, my arms feel lighter, my back has widened and my spine has straightened.  My whole body is better coordinated, I have more energy throughout the day and I am now pain-free.  I feel grounded and, though my feet carry all the weight of my body, it's almost as if gravity disappears.  It's amazing!  Even in the longer term, I am automatically reminded of the guidance I received in my lessons, even during the most tiring days!"
-  Eleni Petroyianni, Waitress

"The Alexander Technique came into my life at a point where I most needed it.  The stress and the dissatisfaction I felt in my everyday life was causing me mental and physical pain.  I had tried everything - yoga, positive thinking, reiki, etc, but nothing seemed to help.  To be honest I had never heard of the Alexander Technique when friend of mine recommended it. By that point I had enough with everything as it seemed  that nothing was helping.  I went to try it without knowing anything about it and what I was about to experience.   It was the first time after several months of stress and discomfort that I felt relaxed and calm.  I felt so relieved!  
The Alexander technique came and stayed in my life.  I have seen several positive changes:  I learned how to control my stress, positive things are happening in my everyday life and my perspective on life has totally changed.  The physical pain has disappeared and my psychological state has hugely improved!"
-  Niki Perdios, Health-care Administrator

"I began my studentship with Liana after the recommendations of a friend who swore that the Alexander Technique could help with my distressed emotional state and unhealthy lifestyle. I will not claim that these feelings are completely behind me or that the Alexander Technique is solely responsible for all of my progress, but I do want to remark on the positive impact it has had on my life so far.

From the very first weeks I was able to remind myself to unfreeze from habitual positions while working or driving and then to send instructions to my body using only my thought in order to release tension in an area. Three months down the line my friends and family would comment on the improvement of my posture and that I was more “open” towards them. I experienced some unique body sensations, like improvements in my vision that presented colours with more clearance and vitality. In a few instances I had also been able to perceive with a deeper sense of understanding how Liana’s choreography of subtle movements was actually realigning bones and increasing the space for release in my joints. By the end of the first year I can tell apart which areas in my body hold unnecessary tension and have now ways to relax them. I’m also more conscious of how to bring myself to the present which has helped me recover much faster from downward spiralling."

- Chara Stephanou, Marketing Coordinator

"Alexander technique is big for Tango. Tango teachers, would tell you how your posture should look like while dancing, but nobody teaches how to achieve it. Alexander technique brings your body naturally to a state where walking, running, dancing and seemingly simple things like sitting or standing are done with great ease. All these body movements improved significantly with me after taking classes with Liana. I would recommend Alexander technique classes to everybody willing to improve their life and learn how body and mind are connected."

Predrag Ranitovic, Physicist

"I read about the Alexander technique many years ago when I was looking at ways to improve my posture and painful back as a result of scoliosis. I had almost forgotten about it until I saw it mentioned on Facebook last year that it is now practiced in Cyprus. I made an appointment with Liana and though I was skeptical at first (it doesn't offer instant solutions, rather slow improvements) I thought I 'd give it a go. One year later I am absolutely converted. I still can't explain to people exactly how it works but I feel a whole lot better - my backaches have gone, my posture has improved but most of all I feel much better with myself on a mental level! I cannot imagine how much better I would feel if I followed Liana's advice to ditch my high heels and do the daily lie-downs! 
I look forward to our weekly sessions, it is an hour where Liana keeps me grounded, focused and totally immersed in my body and myself, forcing my mind to follow instead of the other way round. The good feelings continue for a long time later.  Thank you Liana, thank you Mr. Alexander, you help wonders with my pain, my posture and most of all my sanity!"

- Vicky Xitas,  Business Development & Marketing Manager



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